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Doubting Your Dentist’s Diagnosis or Treatment?


Customized to Fit Your Needs, Budget, and Values!

Going through any disappointing dental experiences can be disheartening. Now, as you embark on the search for another dentist or second opinion, you find yourself scrolling through dentist directories and bios, hopeful for a better outcome.  But, the big question is, can a dentist photo, practice profile and positive reviews genuinely convey the right fit, preventing you from getting burned twice! 


We hear stories like yours all too often – the frustrations of dental
mishaps are unfortunately a common experience!

Share your story with us.

Connect with a trusted dentist effortlessly for second opinions or treatment

Our Compatibility Matching Process


Answer a few questions about your dental needs, budget, insurance, and past experiences.


Our smart algorithm uses your answers to find the perfect dentist for you.


The dentist carefully checks your profile, ensuring they understand your unique needs and goals. If they feel like a good fit, they accept your request, confirming the match. They then create a personalized second opinion report with solutions just for you.


1. Complete a Detailed Questionnaire

Provide essential details such as desired treatments, insurance, previous experiences, budget, anxiety, and more.

2. Securely Upload Dental Records

Submit X-rays and any relevant dental records through our secure platform. Don't have any? No problem.  Learn More

3. Receive Your Second Opinion Report

Your selected dentist thoroughly reviews your questionnaire and x-rays, crafting a report aligned with your goals and financial considerations.

4. Seamlessly Transition to Treatment​

If satisfied, book an appointment online with your matched dentist for the treatment outlined in your report.

All From the Comfort of Your Home

Explore Our Dental Solutions

Dental Second Opinion

our detailed 8-page report, covering diagnosis, personalized recommendations, financial considerations, and alignment with your oral health goals. Receive your report within 10 days or opt for a swift 3-day delivery.

Orthodontic Opinion

Ensure the best decision for yourself or your child's orthodontic treatment with our thorough analysis, including diagnosis, recommendations, financial insights, and goal alignment. Receive your report within 10 days or expedite with our 3-day delivery option.

Find a Dentist (Match Only)

Let us match you with the perfect dentist tailored to your specific needs, without the need for X-rays or records. Expect a direct outreach from matched dentists to discuss your concerns and explore appointment options. Get your personalized match in just 3 days!


Connect with affordable
dentists who deliver quality
care within your budget.


Skip the hassle of searching dentist
 directories, reading bios, or making
unnecessary appointments


Your questionnaire gives you
 control over cost, quality, and
 finding the right dentist for your needs.


You get to make informed
decisions and face your dental journey
with assurance.


Trust Our Caring Dental Network

We understand that asking for a second opinion takes courage, which is why we carefully vet each dentist in our network not just for their skills but for their ability to listen and empathize. Our goal is for you to receive an honest, professionally reviewed Second Opinion of your dental needs. If satisfied, connect with our provider and feel heard, respected and cared for. We stand behind every dentist in our network as upholding these values of understanding and compassion in their practice.


Yes, our service is entirely free, offering a second opinion, a personalized treatment plan, and cost estimate—all provided at no charge to you. Our fees are earned through dentist commissions.

To receive X-rays from your dentist, you have a few options:
  1. Online Form Request: Our service offers an online form to request the release of your dental records from your provider. This can be completed online and sent immediately.
  2. Direct Request to Your Provider: Alternatively, you can directly request your provider to send the X-rays to your email. Once received, you can upload them to us through our platform.
  3. Partnership Dental Offices: You can visit one of our partnership dental offices where they can help you obtain the necessary X-rays for your second opinion efficiently. This service is available in limited areas.
These options ensure a seamless process for obtaining your X-rays.
Yes! Our detailed patient questionnaire enables you to connect with a dentist who meets your requirements, whether or not you’re seeking a second opinion. Rest assured, your dental health is our priority, and we’re here to assist you in finding the right dentist for your needs.
We usually deliver the report within 10 business days. However, depending on the time taken to collect records from your dentist, it may extend by a few weeks. If you need answers quickly, you have the option to expedite your report and receive your second opinion within 72 hours.

Your credit card will not be charged for the free consultation. It’s merely a security measure to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent or spam requests

We believe in a personalized matching process. Dentists review your profile to ensure they’re the best fit for your needs. This ensures you receive tailored care from a dentist who understands your specific requirements.

Yes, certainly! If you’re content with the second opinion offered by the dentist, you have the option to proceed with treatment under their care. You can easily schedule an appointment with the dentist directly through our platform. Simply select a convenient time slot, and you’ll be on your way to receiving personalized care tailored to your needs.
No, you are not obligated to inform your current dentist about seeking a second opinion. Your decision to explore a second opinion is entirely confidential and at your discretion. Additionally, all your personal contact information is removed from your second opinion request, ensuring your privacy remains secure and cannot be divulged.



We pledge to deliver personalized, budget-friendly care that instills total confidence and satisfaction. If you ever feel dissatisfied, please inform us, and we’ll ensure to make it right!

Price Integrity

If initial estimates exceed your budget, we’ll connect you with dentists to work within your financial constraints.

Perfect Match​

If ever unsure about your dentist, we’ll rearrange different suitable matches until you feel completely comfortable.

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Everyone deserves quality dental care without compromising comfort or affordability. Whether you’ve had challenging dental experiences or seek trustworthy advice, we’re here to make your dental journey stress-free and empowering. Let’s rewrite the narrative together!


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