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expectations and reality don’t always see eye to eye

Sometimes, what you hope for in your dental visits doesn’t match up with what actually happens, leading to you avoiding necessary care because of past bad experiences. We understand that these experiences not only affect your oral health but also your wallet. That’s why we’re here, introducing a game-changer in dental care.

Ready to transform your dental experience? Explore our revolutionary approach now, where your comfort, health, and budget are our top priorities.


We dedicate ourselves to empowering individuals with free, detailed Second Opinion Reports, connecting them to compassionate dentists who understand their unique needs and are committed to providing recommended care. We aspire to uplift those overcoming past bad experiences, bridging the gap between dental expectations and reality. Our mission is to make dentistry more accessible through our free service, ensuring honesty and integrity in every report. We strive to make necessary care tailored to individual budgets and prioritized for their well-being.

Values we live by


Empowering People

For too long, patients have only had access to the single opinion of the dentist they see. By providing expert second opinions, then helping patients find the right dentists for treatment we aim to simplify access to quality, affordable oral care.



Our innovative online platform provides a single destination to request second opinions from the comfort of your home – without the hassle of office visits.



We are honest and work with integrity. Transparency is essential and we prefer to—ever respectfully—tell things as they are.

A Technological Advantage

SecondOpinionPlease utilizes advanced technology to match patients with the right dentist for their unique needs. Our proprietary matching algorithm analyzes patient preferences and requirements based on detailed questionnaires. It then leverages machine learning to identify the most compatible dentists from our extensive network. This precision matching enabled by AI allows us to go beyond basic search filters. We can tap into predictive insights to connect each person with a dentist aligned with their priorities for care, communication style, location, and more. Our intelligent system was designed to understand the nuances of dental care and optimize each match for patient satisfaction. The end result is that people have the potential to discover their ideal dental provider through our one-of-a-kind service.

Our Story

For over 30 years, I have dedicated my career as a general and IV sedation dentist to providing comfortable dental care for patients who have experienced dental trauma or negative experiences in the past. Through these firsthand encounters, I witnessed the profound impact that stress, unclear treatment options, and financial barriers can have, leaving many individuals suffering with unmet dental needs.

These experiences ignited a fire within me to transform the outdated, one-size-fits-all approach that has plagued the dental industry for far too long. I envisioned a service that would break down the common barriers preventing patients from receiving the compassionate, expert care they deserve.

It was from this vision that SecondOpinionPlease.com was born – a platform designed to revolutionize dental care by prioritizing personalized connections over financial considerations. By harnessing the power of technology, we are reshaping the landscape, ensuring that every patient is truly seen, heard, and understood.

Leadership Team

Dr. David Engelsberg


Sharon Berry

Project Manager

Thomas Johnson

HR Manager

Juliana Lane

Lead Designer

Richard Hernandez

Vice Chairman

Sharon Berry

Project Manager

Thomas Johnson

HR Manager

Juliana Lane

Lead Designer
Everyone deserves quality dental care without compromising comfort or affordability. Whether you’ve had challenging dental experiences or seek trustworthy advice, we’re here to make your dental journey stress-free and empowering. Let’s rewrite the narrative together!

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