2. How do i participate in your dental network 

We’re thrilled to offer dentists the opportunity to join our exclusive network at absolutely no cost. However, we maintain a stringent selection process to ensure the highest standards within our community. Not every dentist will be accepted, as we prioritize excellence in dental care and limit the number of dentists per area. If you are interested in joining our exclusive network, complete our online dentist profile. 

How are dentists approved
Once you’ve completed the required sign-up steps, your profile will be auto-submitted and reviewed to ensure accuracy and quality. You will receive an email from us within 24-48 hours that you’ve been approved or that you need to complete additional steps and resubmit in order to be approved. 

7. How am I chosen for the second opinion referral

Answer: In the Second Opinion Program, upon receiving a client’s detailed questionnaire, dental records, and x-rays, our advanced algorithm meticulously scans our network. The algorithm then recommends two dentists or specialists considered ideal for the case. The first recommended dentist has 24 hours to accept the patient. Should they decline or not respond, the backup dentist takes over the second opinion request, ensuring timely and reliable service.

Am i obligated to accept every patient and provide a second opinion?

When you get referred to a prospective client, we will automatically send an email notification to you. You may also receive a text message from one of our customer support team so that you can respond to the client in a timely manner. As soon as you get the notification (by email or text), you should log into your account and review the new patient request for a second opinion as soon as possible. If accepted, you must approve the request. You are not obligated to accept all requests. From that time, you will have 6 days to create the second opinion report and submit it into your portal.  If no response is received within the first 24 hours, we will send another request. If nothing still, we will recommend the patient to another dentist in our network. 

10. Is there a cost for participating in your program?

We offer a risk-free payment model. Secondopinionplease charges a one-time per-patient fee only after the patient successfully completes their first appointment. No charge for no shows or cancellations. The fee is  scaled depending on the cost of the treatment plan. There are 3 tiers of payment. In order to generate the leads that we do, we need to pay for marketing professionals, advertising dollars, and customer support staff to deliver the service to clients. We incur significant costs through paid advertising and the individualized attention given to each client. As a result, this aspect of our business is only viable if we are able to recover those costs through referral fees. Details provided upon acceptance into our network.

12. How many patient second opinions will I get?

While we cannot guarantee specific numbers, on average, dentists in our network will receive 1 or 2 referrals in a given month. In some months it may be none, and in others it may be more. The quantity and type of referrals you get can vary substantially, and will depend on a number of factors such as your location, fees, and specialization. 

14. Is it normal for patients to not follow up after a detailed second opinion report was given to them?  

We understand the concerns associated with investing time in preparing detailed reports. Keep in mind that our platform ensures continual exposure, personalized support, and long-term patient trust. Your dedication will reap rewards in our thriving network.  Our team will work with you to tailor your estimates to better attract interested clients. We do our best to build a relationship with our dentists and clients but we also know leads fall within a spectrum. There could be a number of factors influencing that:

  • The client may be shopping around, looking for dentists in other places in addition to our second opinion service.. 
  • The client may have gone back to his previous dentist.
  • Even if the client is committed to getting treatment done, they may not be convinced that your recommendations are right for them
  • They may have good intentions but fail to follow through.

Within a week, we send out emails and text requesting patient status. There are 3 scenarios we expect:
-made an appointment /  did not make an appointment / patient could not be reached 

How are patients booked for appointments?

Patients are told to schedule appointments on our platform for days that are most convenient for them. Our team then contacts you with those dates and confirms with the patient.

What happens if the treatment plan changes in the office and is different from the initial report on your platform?

Should the office treatment plan vary, whether higher or lower than the initial estimate, it is a common aspect of dental practice. The attending dentist will communicate and discuss any changes directly with the patient. Our platform aims to foster transparency, and we encourage open communication between dentists and patients to ensure understanding and agreement on the final treatment plan and associated costs.

Does SOP handle the patient billing?

No. It is your patient and you do the patient billing. You must pay a referral fee to SOP after you get paid by the client.

When do I submit referral payments?

Once a patient has been seen, they go back into their account and mark their appointment as completed. Our platform will complete the transaction at that time. and we will send you an email notification of the payment.

What do I do if a client starts a little then does not continue or takes a few months off.

waiting for answer…

What happens if my client asks for a refund after I have already paid my referral fees?

We would give you a full refund for the referral fees less the examination fee. The good news is that it rarely happens. If it happens to you, please email
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