Become the
Safety Net
Patients Need
and Deserve

Many patients feel let down by previous dentists who
neglected to understand their concerns and provide
affordable treatment options They desperately seek a
dental home that finally ‘gets’ them.

Get exclusive access to an immense, untapped market of motivated patients looking for the right provider.

As the nation’s premier dental second opinion network, we provide access to dental patients actively seeking alternative solutions and providers.

How it works


While we cannot guarantee specific numbers, on average, dentists in our network will receive 4 to 7 solid referrals within the first month. In some months it may be none, and in others it may be more. The quantity and type of referrals you get can vary substantially, and will depend on a number of factors such as your location, fees, and specialization.

We offer a risk-free payment model. We charge a one-time per-patient fee only after the patient successfully shows up to their first appointment or has treatment performed. No charge for no shows or cancellations. We incur significant costs through paid advertising, marketing professionals and personalized client attention. This model is only sustainable when we recover costs through referral fees. Details provided upon applying to our network.

With our specialized treatment planning software, the process typically takes 10-15 minutes. The duration may vary based on the time you spend diagnosing the X-rays, answering any questions and reviewing the patient questionnaire.

Acknowledging the time invested in report preparation, we boast an impressive 84% conversion rate for booking appointments with dentists in our network. Various factors may contribute to patients exploring other options, returning to previous dentists, hesitating on recommended treatments, or having unfulfilled intentions. Our team actively engages in weekly follow-ups through emails and text messages to reinforce your report and prompt continued action.

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Everyone deserves quality dental care without compromising comfort or affordability. Whether you’ve had challenging dental experiences or seek trustworthy advice, we’re here to make your dental journey stress-free and empowering. Let’s rewrite the narrative together!
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