Our Story

I’ll never forget the day I received a letter from a woman named Anna, desperately seeking pro bono dental care she could not afford. Her situation was challenging – her daughter’s wedding was just a month away, and all she wished for was to smile happily beside her on that special day. In her letter, she recounted the challenges she faced with multiple dentists, the incomplete treatments, and the exhorbitant costs that left her unable to redo the work. Her experiences with dismissive treatment from 3 other dentists further highlighted the difficulties she encountered.

Feeling the need to address the systemic issues that led to Anna’s predicament, I decided to offer assistance. After building rapport and understanding Anna better, I managed to restore her smile in time for the wedding. While her tearful joy and gratitude were moving, tragically, she passed away just six months later. However, her letter remained etched in my mind, serving as a reminder that credentials, google reviews and even word of mouth cannot replace genuine connections between dentists and patients.

Reflecting on Anna’s experience, a vision took root within me. I envisioned a service where patients could find the care they needed without solely relying on their financial capabilities. Collaborating with dental experts and AI specialists, we developed advanced algorithms to enable personalized care, not just based on skill, but on a broader spectrum of factors.

This vision evolved into what we now know as Secondopinionplease. Inspired by stories like Anna’s, our platform seeks to revolutionize dental care by prioritizing personalized connections over financial considerations. With technology at the forefront, we are reshaping the landscape, ensuring every patient is seen, heard, and understood. Our mission is to provide accessible dental care that goes beyond just expertise, aiming to make genuine connections between patients and compassionate professionals.